Funny? plates and weird happenings

Licence plates seen in the Taman Tun / Damansara area:

PEN15 – Blue Putra, was told that it belonged to the son of a former politician from Penang. They live in TTDI. It was in front of me at the toll once, and I was really excited because I’ve heard about it from someone else.

MAK1 – Saw it at one traffic light once, forgot the car make.

BAB1 – Also at a traffic light, I think it’s a national car with dark paint.

It has been about six months since I’ve moved to my current place, and I am not liking it that much. Just before Ramadhan, someone took a furniture (a table, placed outside the front door) without us noticing. But that person left the matching chairs, I guess they were too heavy.

And just on Monday, a person took off with my car wiper. Read that as a SINGLE wiper, on the left side. I would’ve cursed the guy (would a lady do this type of thing?) but my throat was already parched as it is and I thought I’d save my energy for better things.

Last night, my so-called tough sister thought she heard someone at the back of the house, rummaging through our kitchen drawers. At 2 am. Of course, we were not brave enough to actually open the back door but instead turned on all the lights and I went to sleep up in the maid’s room.

This morning, I went outside and found the trash bin turned and some bits of leftover food on the floor. Guess it was a stray cat or maybe a rat, I don’t know.

But seriously, living in front of the main road is not very convenient and not to mention noisy. Reminds me a bit of New York City, heh. Minus all the sirens and gunshots of course.


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