Ramadhan, final night

It is Friday night, and I am feeling warm inside.

My old boss called me up a couple of days ago, asking if I want to work with him. He and two other guys have formed a small outfit, with their main work providing strategic consultancy with regards to media relations to corporations. He stressed that it was not a PR job, and that the money is not good. Heh.

But knowing him, I am sure that the work they do is interesting enough for me to want to give it a try. Another freelance gig, working on project basis so I could actually do other stuff on the side. Being one of the two people who gave me the chance at being a journalist, I couldn’t refuse him without giving the offer some thought.

“You think about it, and then say yes.” Typical of him to say that.

So I called him up tonight, and said I would do it. I have nothing to lose, and will be getting paid in the process. Things are definitely turning for the better. This Ramadhan is really a memorable one, where I was able to have proper closure with my past, confronted my feelings without losing an old friend, and the most important, I’ve been able to re-evaluate my priorities in life.

How was your Ramadhan?


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