Raya weekend

A cousin got married on Friday. Being the youngest of five sisters, she was the last among her siblings to tie the knot. That means there are just four single 20-something female grandchildren of the late Che Bidah’s (that’s me grandmum) and I am the oldest among the four. Urgghh.

At the wedding, I got the usual “When is your turn?” questions but not as many times as I expected. It was mostly from very distant relatives. My uncles and aunts were busy entertaining that I guess they forgot. Heh. Lucky me.

Tonight, met up with Pawang, a guy who was with me in UM. He’s working in Kanagawa, Japan and was back for Eid. I haven’t seen him for over five years. It was only a few weeks back that I managed to get hold of his current email and phone number, via his Japanese friend of all people. Shows how lousy both of us are at keeping in touch. Had a good time catching up. Hope to meet him when I’m in Tokyo in a couple of weeks.

Amuro Namie’s Can You Celebrate is playing. Gosh, this song was once THE song to be played at weddings. Natsukashii…

A former BT colleague txt-ed me tonight, asking if I want to help him a one-day event , to be held in two weeks. Yay! Pocket money for Japan trip! I’ve no plans to buy anything, I just want to eat all the stuff I missed – takoyaki, tachigui soba, oden and other lovely, lovely food. I don’t care that it’ll be cold and that I’ll surely gain at least 5kgs during the trip. It’s been three years since my last visit.

United won 2-0 against Charlton. A nice way to start Sunday. 🙂


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