First Tamagotchi, now Livly

Japanese are known for their fondness of gadgets and kawaii (cute) stuff. When I went there in 1996, Tamagotchi was the craze. Then there was loose socks (for high school girls), Pokemon and the return of platforms. Tamagotchi became really big, when the pet dies there were even burials and cemetaries for those virtual pets. Remember Furbie a few years back? And Aibo the robot dog?

Anyway, I discovered Livly last weekend. You can choose among the various Livlies(?) – there’s one that looks like a panda, one like a dinosaur, and one that looks like a big dog – and get an island of your own. Your Livly will grow with each new meeting with other Livlies, every time it’s fed and will learn a trick at each level.

I’d recommend it, but it’s in Japanese. Unless you want me to translate, which will cost you. 😉


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