Father and Son

*This is 90 per cent true, used my creativity licence to fill the gaps.

Once, there was a couple. The wife had just given birth to a son. It was supposed to be a happy occasion. However, the husband, under the influence of his mother, decided to divorce his wife when the son was just a few days old. The wife fought to have the ex-hubby pay for alimony and child support. Reluctantly, he did so, but refused to have any contact with the son.

Fast forward 18 years. The son finished high school. He’s going abroad to study. He felt that it was time to face his father, whom he’d been asking about all his life. Imagine, being seven and seeing other kids being sent to school for the first time by their parents. Or being asked about what his dad does for a living.

So the father agreed to meet the son he never knew. He now have children with another person, twins. Still, the son wanted so much to be loved by the stranger who is his father. He tried to do everything to win his father’s heart. Not resentful, or angry. Yet the father took a long time to warm up to the young son.

Fast forward a few more years. The father found out that he has cancer, a very serious one. During the last three months of his life, he spent a good deal of time with his first born. They went to many places together. The son took turns taking care of his father at the hospital. To him, that was his duty to his father.
The father passed away a few weeks ago. The son made arrangements for the burial, saying goodbye.

Before his death, the father had told his wife to have his estate be distributed equally among all three children. The son was made aware of that fact. In his mind, he thought his father is espressing his love, finally. Now, he found out that most of the inheritance are in his wife’s name. He did leave a house for the son, but nothing else.

For someone who was said to be worth some RM20 million, the house is a small chunk in his coffers. That was how the ex-wife saw it. However, I believe the saying that “You can’t take it with you” and that money is not everything in life. It’s important, but not the ultimate goal.

I wonder how the son took the news. I would think that he is a very strong person, given what he has gone through. Makes me think of what I’d do if I were in his shoes.


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