Muhibbah living

There’s always a first for everything and yesterday I had TWO.

I attended my first church wedding ceremony. It was a Catholic service, since the groom is one. The bride, my former BT colleague, is a Buddhist.

It was interesting to note how hymns and songs played a big role in the ceremony. And how casual people were when it came to the dressing part. One lady came in a pareo skirt with a sleeveless tee top, with 1947 on it. Kalau mak aku nampak mesti kena bebel. Heh.

The whole thing was over in an hour, which is about the same time with a nikah ceremony at a mosque, if you include the photo session afterwards.

In the evening, I attended the couple’s reception dinner. Since it was a Chinese dinner, of course it didn’t start on time. And my friends were quite tardy themselves, the last person arrived at 8.45 when the newlyweds have sefely cut their wedding cake and the first course had been cleared.

I wore a saree, just for the heck of it. That’s my second “first” of the day. It was just at 3.30pm when I had some lessons on how to tie the costume. When I first tied it and wound the long cloth around me, I took a look in the mirror and felt that I looked like an amature drag queen. So I got help from Mum, and when we’re done, I thought I looked decent enough to venture out.

As I was running late (or so I thought), I just went out with my heels on and walked like a drunk. In the car, I realised that my outfit wasn’t complete. I forgot the earrings and bracelets that are supposed to complement the saree. So have la to go out of the car, back into the house and almost fell on my face. Got all the stuff on, got out, and this time I wore slippers to the car, the heels in my hands. Man, the things women do to themselves to look good.

To cut the story short, the saree was a success. Heehee. It didn’t unravel at anytime, although I was fidgeting and adjusting the bloody thing across my left shoulder every five seconds. Don’t think I’ll be auditioning for a role in a Hindi movie anytime soon though. Comot sangat.

L-R: Sara, Sin, the couple Alice & Joehan, PK and an Indian lady wannabe

I had a good time catching up with old journalist colleagues, ate loads of good food (Prince Hotel’s chinese food are among the better ones in town) and toasted the happy couple four times. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Seng!


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