I turned 28 yesterday. At the same time, Ryan Giggs turned 31 and the guy who sold my car is also a year older. And I was told that there’s a lady who was born on the exact same day as me. Imagine that.

Have I learn anything in this one year? Well, I know now that it is not fun being unemployed, well, most of the time anyway. Of course, the situation would be different if I’m filthy rich.

Then there’s new stuff that I learn about Malay/Muslim marriages, or should I say, the procedures to get married. Getting permission to marry outside your state (or mukim), organising a big budget wedding, how VERY useful a professional wedding planner can be. How not to block the bride from other people’s view when on the pelamin. Heh. And inter-cultural marriages. I think my friends got the memo on that subject since three out of four of them did the international marriage thing. One went for an Afrikaaner, one a Japanese and one chose a Pakistani. Know of any nephews of Nelson Mandela available? Let me know.

And the things I’ve accomplished this year. Personally, there were a couple of things. Let’s leave it at that.
Career-wise, I’d say that I made a HUGE direction change when I resigned in August. Would I be able to get myself back into the system? That is still to be seen…


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