Pakciks – the young and (not-so) old ones

I spent four hours in the company of three men in their early forties last night. One was my old boss, one used to be an aide of a former finance minister and one a communications consultant.

The meeting was to discuss about an upcoming corporate exercise by a plc. That was fairly straight forward. However, I was struck by how easy it was for the guys to articulate their thoughts, in very good English and Malay. All three were journalists before, one still is actually.

Do you use big words in your conversations? I use them occasionally, like, once or twice in a month. Using them in writing is a different thing, but actually using words like dichotomy or fortuitous when talking with friends are somehow weird. At least to me it is. Unless you’re an economist or something.

But it was really interesting to listen to their views, and their take on many subjects. Makes me realise how I still have loads to learn, so much more. And I felt privileged to have the chance to work with these guys, at least for the next three months or so.


Mal dropped by my place today, bringing his own lunch, at around 5pm. Bought a tub of ice cream too. No, we didn’t finish it in one sitting.

Had a good talk, as usual. At least it cheered me up. Was pissed because my baju raya, which was already a month overdue, was totally the wrong thing. Now I don’t know if I should bring it to Tokyo or not. I had planned to wear it at a reception next Monday evening. Hummpphh.

We caught up with all the ttdi gossips and what not, before I finished running errands for the day and Mal planned his jogging route. Plan jer kot. Heh.

So thanks, dude. And I think you should put the 18-year-old waaay down your list, and not on top. 😉


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