One more day

.. before I will be home. I haven’t started my omiyage shopping yet, will do that tomorrow. I have loads of stories already, but will sort them out first when I get back. And the weird pictures too.

Things to look forward to: meeting Pawang, Hiroto and Kayoko tonight. Going to Yokohama’s Sakuragicho, one of my favourite places in Japan, tomorrow. No stopping at Akihabara aka the Electrical Town this time around.

After this, going to Harajuku for a while since my friends are all busy working. I don’t mind travelling on my own, but the wind is damn cold and it gets dark pretty early here, around 4.30. And so many people! I’m reminded how Tokyo is like a huge ant’s lair everytime I come here.

Oh well, better make the best of it while the sun is still out. Ja na!


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