Japan: Towers

In Kuala Lumpur, we have the KL Tower and the Twin Towers. In Tokyo, there is the Tokyo Tower of course.
The Reunion programme began at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, which is situated near the Japanese Government’s administrative centre of Kasumigaseki.

I took these pictures from my hotel room window. Cool view, eh? I missed the pin of the tower in both shots, though.

The first night I was there, on Sunday, I walked with my fellow Malaysians from the hotel towards the nearest train station looking for food as none was provided by the organisers. The air was slightly cold, refreshing. It felt really good to be in Japan again after three years. 3 nen buri.

The Tokyo Tower very much like the KL Tower. You go up, you can see most of the Tokyo Metropolis, and beyond on a good day. I’ve been up both towers and usually, once is enough.
I feel affection for the Tokyo version, due to the drama Over Time. (Sorry, the link’s in Japanese). It’s one of my favourites. Tokyo Tower was a prominent feature in the story, a co-starring role if you will.

My hotel room had a really good view of the tower. I did a midnight countdown that first night, watching the tower lights went off, with just the ones at the pin and at the base still on.

It was good to be back…


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