This is entry #560

According to’s stats that is. I couldn’t be bothered to count.

Anyway, just a recap of the year 2005, here at What’s in my head.

The good – Working, and eventually, getting paid, on a regular basis again.
Travelled: sent sister off to uni, Cambodia, pilgrimage, the crazy UK trip, JB, Singapore.
Three new additions to the TTDI geng, all during the Ramadan/Eid period.
Made some new friends (along with family member).
First bloggers meet.
Met AK, abang J, Pak Wan, Pak Basir, and other interesting old people, as part of research for the book project.

The bad – More tsunami/earthquake terror.
First aikido injury.
The Yank took over United and screwed up everything,

The sad – Deaths of friends.
More deaths. Cancer sucks!

The I-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-categorise – Chelsea won the Premiership while Liverpool somehow became European champions (hope the latter won’t happen again this season),
The infamous Deep Throat revealed himself.
New bloggers, people I see everyday even.
Moved. Again.
Project Sally.

It has been one heck of a year.


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