Yesterday morning, I read that Coy and hubby are planning a trip to Fukushima. In the evening, I met a person who was actually from there. Talk about coincidence.

Mr. Secretary Ishii had just arrived to KL two weeks ago, to assume his post at the Japanese embassy here. He had first worked here some 20 years ago and he told everyone at dinner how surreal the experience has been so far, when he compares the KL he once knew with the present day city.

When I told him I had spent four years in his hometown, we spent a good ten minutes talking about food, onsen and the university. Usukawa manju pun masuk jugak.

Haven’t had good Japanese food in a while, and I’ve not been conversing in the language that much too. So when the alumni called asking if I’d make up their number to meet with the embassy people, I thought it was worth the one hour drive into KL at evening rush hour. Kampachi is said to be the oldest and one of the best washoku place in town.

The minister was in a good mood, talking politics and Saido was in his element (he was dead sober but talked like he’s drunk) regaling tales about Malaysian life. I told the Secretary to dismiss most of it. Heh.

Yokoi Koushi-sama, taishikan no minasan, gochisousamadeshita!


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