Two things

Did you know there’s a football-related photo exhibition going on in KL right now til end of the month? I don’t think most people are aware of it, unless you happened to read a small print of it in here or somewhere.

When Idlan and I went there yesterday (Wisma OCM, somewhere near the Stadium Merdeka/Negara area), we thought it was closed and there was no actual signage about the event. Even the staff of the adjoing hotel was clueless, and thought I had some documents to be copied (photo exhibition = nak fotostat???)

The nutty professor already gave up when we found out one of the entrance doors were unlocked and managed to get to the exhibit venue. Given, it was not a really huge exhibition but there were quite a few awesome photos on display.

Goethe Institute is behind the exhibit, which also include screening of German football films. According to the only staff manning the place, there had been “a trickle” of visitors since the exhibit opened a week ago. Given that it’s the school holidays, it should be more than that, but I don’t think parents would be aware of the event anyway, unless it is held at one of the popular shopping malls in town.

Maybe it’s because the photos have been displayed in places like Central Market and a couple of colleges that the organisers didn’t think to promote more about it. Or maybe because it’s free. I don’t know.

I introduced “superman” Supirman to the wonderful world of sushi, and wasabi and green tea. Heh.

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