Warming up

I must take my hats off to Astro people.

Not only do they cater to the World Cup followers but also the AF fans (who will contribute millions to their coffers) when they decided to re-schedule their AF programmes. So the football buffs got to watch England win their opening match thanks to a Paraguayan deflection last night, and enjoy lunch with the family in front of the tv watching the singing(?) reality show today. Just brilliant.

No sulking, no possible runaway incidents and no necessary pit stop to your neighbourhood mamak to get your fix.

England sucks

A guy sms-ed me that last night, and I just had to show it to the England supporters who were with me at the very happening Pelita Nasi Kandar Jalan Ampang. My choice for that game’s MVP would be Paraguay’s substitute goalkeeper Aldo Bobadilla, who was thrown into the lion’s lair less than 10 minutes into the game. Wonder how Frank Lampard got the the title instead.

Only 5 matches played so far and I’ve watched 4 of them. Who would’ve thought Costa Rica would make Germany work hard for their victory and Ecuador triumph over Dudek-less Poland? Heh. Can��t resist that last bit. And Trinidad & Tobago holding Sweden to a goalless draw when they are playing with 10 men against the so-called more superior Swedish team. Superb intro to the tournament lah.

OK. Hasbullah Awang, Datuk Rahim Razali, and the commentator for the England – Paraguay match, who would you pick?

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