Thank you, have a nice day

I went to the landscape exhibit thing at the Lake Gardens last Saturday. It was more of wanting a change in my so-called ‘workout programme’ than anything else that I agreed to accompany Mum and friend.

Parking was a torturous affair, since there were not many in the parks itself to begin with and the most convenient ones were closed off for VIPs. Of course. And KL-ites are not known to be fond of walking even for five minutes so the nearest parking areas easily have more than double the capacity they were supposed to.

We ended up parking at the hospital near the famous nasi lemak place and walked. Mum suggested flagging a cab. Seriously!


There is a RM3 fee for adults to enter and we had to walk a bit more to the ticket booth, and turned back to get to the entrance (Bunga Raya entrance). I thought this was silly, the organisers could have set up the booths at the entrance itself. Don’t they know how people don’t like to walk unnecessarily?

One good thing the organisers thought about was having shuttle services between the scattered parking areas and the many exhibit entrance gates. They also have buggy carts inside as well, which we made good use of.

What else I want to complain about?

Oh, yes. Disabled people do not have to pay the entrance fee but I feel that the exhibit is not very wheelchair-friendly. I saw one man in a wheelchair at one corner somewhere, trying to look amused when obviously he’s bored and just waiting for his company to finish their browsing. With uneven slopes at the various booths, people in wheelchairs are better off sticking to the designated path, which defeats the purpose of going to such places to actually look at stuff from up close. And they have to compete with kids in strollers for space.

Apart from that, I guess it wasn’t too bad. It could have been worse, right. At least I got some exercise in the process, and we got free fans to cool our face.

On the exhibition itself, well, I guess it was alright. I’m not really a flower person. But Mum looked longingly at the orchids on display and those on sale but it would be a while before she can have them. Aunty Puteri Saadong took pictures of heaps of dried leaves, of all things. Hmm…

Man-plant? Reminds me of Piscine Molitor Patel
L-R: New species called man-plant, Piscine!


2 thoughts on “Thank you, have a nice day

  1. Sashi says:

    Aiyo, can please resize photos, thank you? 😛

    Done, Sashi

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