It’s funny

My TTDI friends and I will usually talk about life in general, family, and things happening around our little kampung but we don’t talk about work that much, because apart from the doctors, most of us do different things. But we are usually aware of changes, either by the new email address or business card or the increase / decrease of ‘busy-ness’ of each other.

With my journalist friends, we end up talking about life in general, work, and the latest industry gossips. Family stuff don’t come up often. Like PK just found out about my father earlier this year.

So it was quite hilarious that some of the Kamcheng members still think I’m based in Jalan Riong, when I left almost 3 years ago. For one, it’s obvious that they don’t read the papers, or else they would’ve noticed my byline is missing. Two, I guess I should go more often to Badminton Tuesday. Hehe.

Then there are people with whom I can just talk about anything and everything.

I thank God for each and every one of them.


4 thoughts on “It’s funny

  1. Nurleena says:

    Muaahhaahhaahhaa…I can never forget the ‘i’m serious about this’ look when he asked you… That was a classic moment and let’s not forget the completely horrified look he had when he thought Dil dropped his new ‘toy’!!!

  2. Mal says:

    wait, who are we talking about here? whose toy did Dil drop?

  3. Norzu says:

    Nurleena: 😀 I shall upload that photo very soon!

    Mal: Drop by Badminton Tuesday once in a while and you’ll know. 😉

  4. drM says:

    hahahaahahahaha… I thought he was joking initially !

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