Of annoying PDAs and cellphones

I was at Galeri Petronas, at lunch time, a couple of days back. As I walked in and started my round, a perempuan and her boyfriend came in. She was on the phone, talking like she had wanted everyone to hear her. That’s one.

I tried to ignore her as much as I could while trying to appreciate the lovely thai silk cloth on display in front of me. Then, it was the boyfriend’s phone that rang. And we were still in close proximity of each other mind you, that the perempuan decided to cuddle with the boyfriend, who was trying to talk on the phone. I tried to put as much distance as I can to them after that.

It’s one thing to talk loudly on the phone in an art gallery, which is like the library or even the cinema. You shouldn’t, or at least, keep it down. To a MINIMUM. It’s another to have a necking session in such places, where there are CCTVs and all. PDA (public display of affection) is fine by me but be considerate lah. I was there for the art on display, not what YOU have to offer. No thanks.

Why are there so many idiots around?


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