I should stop crying

Caring hurts.

I feel like I’ve failed everyone, even myself. It’s not my fault, people tell me, but I can’t help feeling that I’m supposed to at least try and solve this. But how can I if they can’t make peace with each other. I’m wasting my breath and energy on you, someone with enough ego to last three lifetimes.

I’ve never been one to pour myself out easily to people. But now I feel like opening up to everyone and that is scary as well. I hate burdening people with my problems.

What I’d give to have a somewhat ‘normal’ family.


4 thoughts on “I should stop crying

  1. drM says:

    Alamak.. stay kewl ah. Your writing is powerful and i can sort of “feel” your agony. I don’t really know what’s the latest in the saga but it must be really big ; it shows so much in your scribbles.

    Do come and have a good laugh tonite if you are looking for short term escapism.We are all good listeners too..

  2. Norzu says:

    Thanks, Doc. I think I will do that.

  3. coy says:

    (#´屮ヽ) 元気出してね。。。

  4. Norzu says:

    arigato, coy!

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