To have an edge

The reason that there are so many depressed people is that life is so depressing for many people. It’s not a mystery.

That’s what Adam Phillips, a psychoanalyst and author, said.

I entirely agree. Nowadays, you can get depressed just by switching on the tv. Or read the papers. Or this blog. Heh.

Depression is a way of life. How you deal with it is the key. Some people need to be treated and reminded every single day that for them, depression is a sickness that won’t totally go away. It’s difficult, I’m told. But life is never easy. For others, there are distractions in many forms. Work, hobbies, other people.

Then there are those who are artistically inclined. Writers, musicians, painters, and the likes. All the angsty songs, heartbreaking scenes in a novel, spectacular paintings. I don’t think anyone with a happy disposition can come up with those stuff. Happy people will write a different kind of story, pen a different kind of tune. Less edgy, more soothing.

As I mentioned before, I think happiness is something you experience within blocks of time. Like when your team wins the World Cup. That may last a day or a month even. The euphoria and adrenaline will fade off. And next could be when you get promoted with a sizeable salary increment.

You can choose not to be bothered with what is happening around you – the beggars doing their rounds at your local coffee joint, an eathquake in a neighbouring country – but I don’t think it’s entirely possible now. Not when people are getting more wired. But then, you may be one of those people who just don’t have a clue. About anything. Good for you I say.


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