Idiot at work

It was Thursday evening and I was with the Bangkok team at the gala dinner venue. While waiting for the VIPs to arrive, I chatted with other press people, most of them new. Then one guy came up to me. I first met him when I was still in BT, bumping into each other at assignments like the rest. He introduced himself to me again. I know I’m not exactly the most memorable person so I ignored to mention that we’ve exchanged cards before.

After giving me his contacts (again), he asked for mine. It was when I wrote down my full name that he realised who I was. That was the start. He went on ask about my father, and then talk about politics. Baaad mistake. When that failed, he spoke of having the wrong skin colour, and having the wrong type of name, and how he’s responsible for his family well being. That did it.

How dare he assume anything about me! I may have lived a somewhat priviledged life in the past, but that was ages ago. And does he think life is all smooth sailing for people with the ‘correct’ skin colour or name? Of all the things to say to someone you barely know. Even if I am living a very good life, it’s just none of your business.

I left him without being too rude. But later, he came up to me again, asking if he could call me, after hours. Excuse me?!? I know well enough not to encourage him and nodded in the affirmative when he asked if I’m seeing anyone. Luckily that worked. Nobu-san saw our exchange and he saved me from having to explain further by asking me to help with something or another.

I always wonder why is it that annoying and creepy guys who will try to chat me up when the one person I wish would ask me out refuses to do so.


8 thoughts on “Idiot at work

  1. idlan says:

    To use the phrase I often resort to when I hear things like this:


    Some people just have no tact, Kak Nor. Ada ke, lepas implying how much you are better off than him and how he has it tough, ada hati nak ask you out. To what end, so that he can tell people he is seeing your father’s daughter? Creepy is the word.

    And as for the one who will not ask you out, still.. well, that’s the way the world works, is it not? The one you pine for is the one you can’t have? Hehe.

  2. Norzu says:

    Idlan: that phrase was ringing in my head at the time. no tact at all.

  3. drM says:

    He might be reading your blogs now Nor.. haks..

  4. Norzu says:

    Doc: tak apa, biar dia sedar sket.

  5. Sashi says:

    Speaking from a male point of view – he might not have asked you out if he fears rejection. So…. show him you’re interested. Not too much… but enough la..

  6. eddycute says:


  7. Mal says:

    hidup anda memang interesting…

  8. coy says:

    i dunno this fella tapi nak cakap dia idiot jugak… 🙂

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