I hate meds

Mr now-everyday-is-a-working-day recommended putting tamarind paste at the back of my throat to help with the itch and sore. I almost gagged and ended up swallowing the whole thing. Yuckk. Will stick to drinking tamarind juice, thanks very much.

I’ve never been a fan of medicine. Even when it’s just panadol. So when I get my once-a-year cold, I’ll usually stock up on tea (lots of it), honey and vitamin c. And sleep of course.

We don’t have many pharma-based ads on local tv, apart from panadol and medicated tooth paste. In Japan, I remember ads ranging from speedy cure for headaches to cold medicine, from something for your stomach when you’ve eaten too much (like Eno, usually aired during year-end/new year time) to allergy meds.

It’s weird that I don’t like taking medicine but I’m fine with needles and stuff. As in, giving blood.


10 thoughts on “I hate meds

  1. mie says:

    maybe its because in japan theres plenty of ‘sick’ people thats needs to be on medication all the time haha!

  2. eddycute says:

    pheww… with regards to the needle, thought you’ve got a new ‘hobby’ now. hee… me don like needles. but on my bum can coz BANYAK lemak kan? hahhahaaha….

  3. Norzu says:

    eddy: hobby? ingat i took up acupuncture ke? hehe.

  4. hazyr says:

    People generally think that because of my profession, I’m good with taking drugs. It’s truly the opposite really.. my compliance to medication is so shameful that my supposedly once-daily multivitamin gone expired only half-taken.

    My solution to fever and cold? sleep
    My solution to that-time-of-the-month-hassle? sleep

    p/s I just received a compliance bashings a couple of days ago from my Dr for not complying to my sinusitis treatment.. Great..

  5. Norzu says:

    ryzah: makan ubat weii.. hehe

  6. eddycute says:

    nooooo….sleeeep….kan best tido…i’m so sleepy but got loads of work. *yawn*

  7. da king says:

    itu tamarind juice cakap malaya = javanese sour juice eh ckp jawa…

  8. iJun says:

    yucks girls can be so disgusting

  9. Norzu says:

    iJun: oii! where got disgusting?!

  10. idlan says:

    eleh ijun. disgusting konon…

    Lemsip RULES O.K.

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