Sometimes, by substituting a word or a phrase with another, can change the whole perspective or nuance of a sentence. Like when you say toll hike, it gives a somewhat negative impression but when you say scheduled toll rate revision, there is a sense of structure in the proposed exercise.

People can crack their heads to get that exact word to describe something – a company name, an image, a campaign tagline. I know I’ve done it. Even when writing a news story. Or this blog.

So when people speak using certain words I never expect to be uttered to me, it kinds of make me stop for a bit. To digest, to look for motives or if it’s too difficult, change the subject to buy some time. Because maybe that person could’ve used another word to convey the message. Maybe it was a cultural thing, or maybe that was exactly what it was. And I just couldn’t handle it.

Yes, for the umpteenth time, I think bloody damned much.


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