You don’t wear my chains

Is it because you think it’s too late to do anything? Or is it because you think she was doing it for the benefit of us bystanders? Because there were times when you could have responded and we wouldn’t have known about it until afterwards.

I’m tired of this. If I ask you, I know I’ll end up feeling shitty anyway. If I don’t, then there’s the guilt in the mix because I’m not doing the right thing. But heck, you’re bloody stubborn, even just to sit and ask, “What’s your problem?” or “Know why I did this?”

What a hypocrite I am, right, for ignoring a father who walked out on his family and left his rubbish for them to clean up, who is still oblivious to certain aspects of his deeds and carries on like nothing much happened.

It’s been months. Even Hizbollah and Israel has agreed to a ceasefire now.


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