Flying solo… again

19-20 Aug: KL Sentral – Wakaf Baru – Kuala Besut – Coral Bay, Perhentian Kecil

The train left the station a quarter past 6pm and I instantly wished I was able to get a sleeping berth instead of normal seats. There was a baby crying and her/his 3 siblings were all over the place. But I guess I was lucky because there were at least 3 other coaches filled with school kids going home from a field trip or something. Always be grateful, right. But still, the air conditioning could have freeze every one to death, except the conductors and driver.

It was a very long train ride and I got off at around 8.15am, almost an hour later than schedule. Was thinking of maybe looking out for others who are going my way and car pooled but there were none so a it’s RM50 cab ride for me to get to the jetty in Kuala Besut. On the way, called the chalet I was planning to stay at, hoping that the possible vacancy was confirmed. It was. Most of the smaller guest houses and resorts on Perhentian islands do not take early bookings so there’s always a chance of you ending up sleeping under the stars on the beach on your first night.

Coral Bay, or its original name Teluk Aur, is the quieter side of the smaller Perhentian island and the beach is shallow compared to the other side, Long Beach. But I didn’t mind. Had came for peace and quiet anyway, and a bit of ‘eye washing’. Heh. Three days of sun, sea and sand. And my books.

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