Still on the journey

Friday evening, I received a text message from Zainul telling me to check out this year’s Road to Nationhood exhibit at the BSC.

As I’ve been to last year’s exhibit, I was wondering if there’s anything new included. “Versi baru la” was the reply. Well, since boss suruh pergi, kita pergi la kan.

So yesterday evening, partly due to boredom, I headed out to Bangsar to see the show. Apart from new photos, there were also screenings of four documentaries eMedia had borrowed from Filem Negara, each about 30-40 minutes long. I sat in for one and found it very interesting as I’ve never seen some parts of the footage, like how the first Yang diPertuan Agong was installed and the ceremony which took place.

Saw Izam, one of the guys I usually pester for archived news whenever I go to Jalan Riong’s library. Even he took turns with other colleagues watching all four documentaries with visitors. Also met with the boss, in one of his bright colourful after hours shirts as usual.

As for the photos, I thought this most interesting. The caption said the guy on far left was the first to obtain citizenship under the Federation of Malaysia. He was 19 at the time. Or something like that. I wonder if he’s still alive. It would be interesting to read his story.

There was also a big message board for the public to write their, well, messages. The usual mostly, but there were a few thought provoking ones.

It’s good to be reminded the struggles of people to free this country, and those who worked to develop it during the early years of independence to where it is today. At the same time, present leaders should remind themselves of what their jobs and responsibilities are (rather than what they can gain while in office) while the citizens ponder whether they are prepared to defend this country should the time comes and not take the first plane/ship/bus out.

Road to Nationhood exhibition runs until September 10 2006 at the Bangsar Shopping Centre.


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