The pulau diaries: Day 2

Monday. Felt like a good day, since United won big the night before. A superb start to the season.

Signed up to go snorkelling along with two couples. The last time I went was 2 years ago in Redang. And being the unfit person that I am, I was tired and dizzy just after 30 minutes. I passed up the chance to swim with turtles but I did saw two of them from the boat. Huge ones.

apparently, a turtle had laid eggs here a night or two ago

I skipped the third snorkelling point too, and the guide, Ajis, took me to shore, where Perhentian Island Resort was located. Swam a bit and got talking with a pokcik and the girl he was teaching how to swim.

Ajis, the singing beach boy

While waiting for our party to come up and go for lunch, Ajis told me he loves to sing and apparently, has won quite a few competitions in the east coast. He was even offered an audition for a record deal but somehow it didn’t go through.

“Tak ada masa depan.” No future in show business, that’s what people told him. Of course, I just had to tell him that if he really wants to, just do it. At least he tried and if he doesn’t make it then he can always go back to being a beach boy. Well, he could’ve just pulled my leg and made up all the stories so I might have wasted my time on him.

hungry fishies

Lunch at the village. And look who were there to greet us.

After lunch, two more stops. I got into the water again this time. More corals and colourful fish. Andy, a swiss half of a couple, said he saw a baby stingray. I did see him going deeper like he was chasing something but since I’m half blind, I couldn’t see what he was after. I should get prescription goggles.

Back at home base, I looked at all the damage – cuts on left leg, bruises on right leg, clumpy hair, rentung-skin-in-the-making. Not too bad for a half day’s work.

blue and green all around
i almost drowned (?)
the fishies came to get lunch
i threw them each a light punch

Coral Bay, Perhentian Kecil


6 thoughts on “The pulau diaries: Day 2

  1. Cher says:

    Nor!!!!!! Come join me scuba babe! Come laaa! You love the sea! If you like snorkeling, you’d LOVE scuba!

  2. Norzu says:

    Hey, Cher! I don’t hv licence lah. Been putting it on hold dah lama dah.

  3. Feisal says:

    So you met another future Faizal ‘senyum sokmo’. Or was he a ‘past’ Faizal. 🙂

  4. Norzu says:

    Feisal: Apparently, he looks up to Mawi rather than Faizal. I so don’t want to know

  5. Cher says:

    Hey babe, go and get that licence! Snorkeling sooo memabukkan! and you tan faster!

  6. Norzu says:

    baik, bos! 😉

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