The pulau diaries: ナンパ写真を撮ろう

nampa shashin wo torou

The female half of the Japanese couple sitting on my right told her boyfriend (I think), grabbing her camera. They were referring to a group of beach boys on my left, who were chatting up some Spanish girls. With the boyfriend well positioned, the Japanese lady got a clear picture of the merry-making group in the background.

I wasn’t that subtle, since there was nothing to block or ‘cover’ my view.

for entertainment, a tukang karut

One of the guys called me over, as they were opening cans of beer. Maybe he saw my eyes straying to the can he was holding, or maybe not. But when I passed up the offer, “bukan nak suruh minum pun.” That was totally uncalled for. I guess idiots are truly everywhere, even on beautiful islands.

last sunset


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