I wonder how, I wonder why

She wanted to meet up for lunch. On the phone, I had sensed that something was up. I was correct.

He was a welcomed distraction initially, to be honest. Someone I could try to figure out while sorting my messed up life and then move on to the next, you know? I have moved on, and yet he’s still here.

What it is about me that makes him hang around? I’m not the most fun person to be around. You should be able to tell people that. I moan, I snap, I get angry. But him. He laughs, and always look at the better side of things. But I must admit, he has a wicked side too, which I can certainly vouch for.

We do things together and we traded stories. Some I’ve never even told anyone else. Yes, not even you. At times it just freaks me out to think that things turned out as well as they did.

Talk is cheap. But action tends to confuse me even more. And as I am a coward, I just couldn’t face him with it.

I think I should be Aunt Agony and have my own column.

“Firstly, why didn’t you tell me about him sooner!!”

That made her laugh. Then I proceeded to tell her all that she needed to hear, mainly, that she’s a great person and a smart guy like him (if he is as smart as my friend said he is) is actually very dumb if he doesn’t realise it.

If she wasn’t my friend, I’d have said:

– maybe he’s not that into you; or

– maybe he thinks you’re a distraction too, and just filling his time before he finds a new girlfriend; or even

– get a life!

Maybe I shouldn’t have a column. I’d get more complaints than people asking help with their problems. But it sure would be interesting.


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