Jom lepak

I’ve clocked in 21 hours of ‘field work’ so far this month. And maybe a bit more next week, two interviews to be done and two articles to write. Not bad I guess. One needs to be compensated in monetary form to be able to lie in bed every once in a while. You know, bills to pay and all.

Once I had tried to save up money for an overseas trip, putting in 500 yen (about RM15) each week in a piggy bank, which was actually a metal can slightly larger than a can of Coke. It didn’t last long, as I had expected. Maybe I should start that again, for the 2010 fund. Hmmm…

We should have a girls’ night out soon lah. Maybe go have kuey teow and nasi lemak and lots of teh and coffee.

My ears are still red and I need a new pair of earrings.


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