Kerja saya tengok kartun


When I found out that Animax will be one of Astro’s channel, I was glad because there’ll be more programmes in Japanese. Not that I’m a big anime fan, apart from Miyazaki Hayao’s stuff, and Samurai X.

After almost a month, I’m hooked on Honey and Clover (the Japanese site here). It’s like watching a Japanese trendy drama, but the actors are cartoon characters.

そういうの話し好きだね。The hopelessness of unrequited love, comical moments and, in the middle of it all, friendship.


2 thoughts on “Kerja saya tengok kartun

  1. coy says:

    aku ni pun baru 2,3 menjak ni layan animax. honey & clover weekend jek so tak pernah nengok. nanti nak nengok gak lah… 🙂

  2. norzu says:

    kat sini hari selasa, with repeats on weekend. hehe. aku suka opening song dia, by YUKI. reminds me of you singing Judy Mary song. 😉

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