Once a news junkie..

Despite the price hikes, we still have news like this. A ban on smoking at mosques is a short-term measure, as usual. But then, when it comes to bad habits and vices, people are usually more willing to suffer rather than to quit.

Then there is the never-ending sugar crisis. Minister Shafie should just let whoever make noises and just do his job – ensuring people get their supplies and prices are controlled – instead of taking umbrage at statements made by the opposition. It’s their right to voice out complaints, just like any other citizens.

I was stuck at one of Taman Tun’s main traffic lights for at least five minutes yesterday evening, and another five minutes to get from said traffic light to a junction less than 500 metres away. A half hour spent just trying to get to Petronas, and fifteen minutes jostling for three pieces of kuih from the makcik in front of Perodua.

Ramadhan started with, literally, a blast in Iraq and with a sore throat and headache for me. Another reason not to complain about things.

I discovered this last week. Almost as interesting as Bloomberg’s services but not quite.


5 thoughts on “Once a news junkie..

  1. Sashi says:

    alamak! you took this template ah? Sigh…

    …err, never mind, carry on…

  2. kudo says:

    my dad just pegi belakang and angkat an entire talam of kuih serimuka because he was cheesed off with the lack of a queuing system at the kuihseller’s, just in front of ravoof anwar. obviously it was shared between between the families of mine and my uncle’s!

    selamat berpuasa if i hadn’t wished you that already!

  3. norzu says:

    Sashi: mau ka? amik jer 🙂

    kudo: selamat berpuasa! when I got there, dah 2-3 talam(s) of sri muka finished and the kuih cara all gone.

    apparently, the makcik finished making all the kuihs just before 6, and got to ttdi 30 mins later. dunno how it’s like today tho.

  4. Mena says:

    Selamat berpuasa… at least you don’t have to join the rush hour traffic back home everyday after work. everyone’s cranky and driving like maniacs!

  5. norzu says:

    Mena: not yet la and I hope I won’t have to. interesting ramadhan for you, eh 😉

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