The circus is in town, and other news

*brain not functioning well. coughing like i’m a tb sufferer

I saw this first just now, and then found this.

“With the expertise of the Royal London Circus’ management team and in line with Danga Bay’s vision of turning the area into an entertainment hub, we believe a circus academy is the right way forward.

“We are in serious discussion with the owner of the Royal London Circus on how best to go ahead with the idea,” said Kamarul Ariffin Suleiman, a director of Danga Bay, Wednesday.

If the plan goes through, I guess we’ll see more Malaysians and Asians in the circus business? Politicians maybe?

Another place for people of Selangor to go and shop. It’s not like there are a shortage of Giant stores in Shah Alam, the so-called Giant city. I was surprised to see a billboard with that slogan once, and wanted to take a photo of it but the light turned green..

A Malaysian is asked to head the Islamic States Braodcasting Organisation, a two-year assignment to be based in Jeddah.

Ahmad Zahid said the ISBO CEO candidate would be an experienced journalist who must be prepared to work in Jeddah on a two-year contract.

“Datuk Zainuddin will consult Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to choose a qualified candidate,” he said.

Whoever it is, I hope he is indeed qualified for the job.


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