Another PR moment

Whenever I have an interview assignment, I dread it when the PR person leads. I’m supposed to be asking questions to a company director or the ceo but this PR person thinks its his job to “fill me in” first when obviously I had done at least a bit of background research on the company.

Like yesterday, the interview started AND ended with the consultant talking, like he’s part of the management set-up. I know it’s a family-business-turned-plc, I understand the ceo’s English may not be perfect but you do not have to oversell the company la.

Although maybe he was told to “guide” me towards the most preferable story, but I can’t be writing an article quoting a PR consultant now can I? Unless it’s about PR or he’s actually a company employee and the designated spokesperson. He was not.

I tried very hard not to be rude by ignoring the guy yesterday but I might shown some annoyance and kept going back to the company directors for clarifications. But then, PR people can be daft sometimes. The young, pretty / good looking ones that I’ve met definitely were. I kid you not. They’re nice to have as decoration at functions but don’t expect much help when you need real info. Ah well, no one’s perfect after all, right.


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