Sometimes giving in just isn’t fair

When you live with other people, isn’t it usually common sense to be considerate on certain things?

Like not hogging the bandwith all the time. Or washing your own plate when no one is around. Or hang out your clothes after washing when you know someone else wants to use the machine. If it was the day the cleaner comes round then lucky you since you can just dump your load and let her do the rest, right. Wait, what if I just do my laundry every time the helper comes. Yeah, do it the night before and she’ll hang the clothes out, pick them up when dry, iron and fold them. Brilliant! And if it rained before everything dried, I can just let them hang out there until the next time the cleaner comes and whoever does their laundry in between can just shift their washings around to accomodate mine.

And then there’s your pet. If, by some freak accident, you are able to convince your fellow housemates to let a pet into the house, you should take care of it. Let’s say it’s a cat and it’s getting on in years, senile if you like. Isn’t it plain courtesy that you put the cat out after meals and bring it in after it’s done with toilet business? Who likes it when you’re expecting a guest and suddenly you smell something bad in the middle of the living room… I’m sure the housemates are really patient for putting up with your antics, or they’re family. Because family won’t kill your cat just because it craps like, a thousand times in the living room since you’re the one cleaning it up. I would, if I had a gun in my hand. Because I’ve had to clean up when I’ve been told I won’t have to. Sucks I tell you.

I came down this afternoon to see the sink full of unwashed crocks. I thought it was clear earlier in the morning after sahur, and I had thought of putting in the rice pot but forgot. Little things, you know. That shows how much you appreciate others.


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