Replace Kenya with Malaysia..

.. when you read this.

I have given up watching local soccer. I don’t even go to the stadium any longer because of the mediocrity of our soccer and wrangling,’ added a former fan, Isaiah Olale.

The chaos in Kenyan soccer has led to matches being played in near-empty stadiums, as disenchanted fans instead pay between 20 ($0.28) and 100 Kenyan shillings to watch English premier league games on television in the slums or in trendy pubs in downtown Nairobi.

Sounds familiar?


3 thoughts on “Replace Kenya with Malaysia..

  1. syachou says:

    here, here…what to do lah Malaysian football. Maybe we can a billionaire from somewhere to overhaul the system, got Roman’s number?

  2. Giggsy says:

    betol la kak Nor. Neverla watched local soccer after allahyarham Super Mokh. bile MU nak bukak soccer school kat sini?

  3. norzu says:

    syachou: dowan la Roman. it’s too early anyway, not with politicians and state FAs in charge of league teams instead of privately or publicly-owned football clubs.

    cik giggsy: MU school osso dowan. nak jadi feeder for them ke?

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