Another 700 words to go

Yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to go to the doctor’s, after over a week of wheezing and coughing. And since I felt like blue, it was blue t-shirt, jeans and I put on my fading Tunas cap for good measure, since it was scorching out there. Walking around with my backpack, I think I could pass for an undergrad. Heh. But I did put my REAL age on the clinic’s registration card.

I miss Dr. Kassim’s place. I’ve been going to his clinic ever since I was a kid but now the premise is a shop selling kitchen cabinets!

The doctors in the KamCheng group should open a practice together lah. Then I can get preferential treatment, with discounts. Hehe.

I’m stuck trying to write an article. Brain just won’t function. I read my notes and they look like gnommish, or something.


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