Apa nak masak?

It’s almost two weeks into Ramadhan, mum and I have ran out of ideas of what to prepare for iftar. For people who don’t cook much, you’d think we’d be having Santai fare every other day like we always do outside the fasting month. But to tell you the truth, we don’t.

However, it’s still a chore to whip up something when you don’t even know what to eat. And apart from bubur pulut hitam, I don’t have any cravings for specific dishes. I’ve had nasi kerabu, twice, thanks to my aunt.

It’s also a bit difficult when you don’t mind having stuff like pasta but others are not very keen. So rice it is. With what, is the question. Hard to think when you’re not exactly inspired, and lazy.

Going to the bazaar is a hassle and I’m actually turned off by most of the wares on offer. Maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with the sellers, whether their food actually taste good or I might spend the night in the loo. Weird, I know, being Malaysian and all. But at least it helps with my resolution to lose the extra kilos I’ve gained.

So we’re now going to our regular places, getting them to prepare our iftar dishes. Tonight, it’s Muhibbah’s turn. Maybe I’ll be inspired by them. Maybe not.


7 thoughts on “Apa nak masak?

  1. syachou says:

    ii na, i’ve been having cold sandwiches and fruit for the past week here in Europe. But now in London, will go out for some proper food.. if you can it that lah.. hehe

  2. idlan says:

    Mawar do a decent nasi campur buffet. Not sure if Nahar is open for iftar, though. Let me know if you need directions.

  3. norzu says:

    I don’t mind sandwiches and fruits once or twice a week, but eating in is not like having a meal at a restaurant, where you can order separately. So must think of others osso la.

  4. atok says:

    salam… 1st time here. selamat ber-ramadhan.

    idlan, i thot mawar is closed for renovation. nahar is indeed open for iftar (dah 2 kali bbuke kat situ). but if you wanna be ular sawa, go to holiday villa 🙂

  5. idlan says:

    no lah atok. we had iftar there last week. satay house rasanya yang tutup for renovation

  6. norzu says:

    apa ni nahar, mawar, satay house? santai, rasta, jasema saya tau la :p

  7. syachou says:

    haha…was with idlan and mates at mawar yesterday, good food, good company.. but ur right atok, kalau nak ular sawa, holiday villa lah.. was there the night b4..now back to cheese sandwich for me…

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