I’ve seen Constantine too many times

Rasta and Coffee Hut were both packed last night. I wonder why. I know it was a Friday night but usually it won’t be as crowded. Or maybe it’s Ramadhan and some people are keeping a safe distance from some other ‘happening’ places. I can only guess.

It has been a while since I met any of the pakciks so it was nice sitting with them and talk about work once again. But sadly, noisy Rasta or Santai won’t be our preferred meeting spots any longer. Masuk ofis pulak lepas ni…

Halfway through Ramadhan already. Last year, I had many late night conversations with certain people. This year however, the condition of my machine is not conducive for that kind of activity. Heck, it’s troublesome even during the day. I work around it’s ‘moods’, if you can believe that. Can’t afford a new MacBook Pro. *sigh*

I wonder if the pakciks would consent to an advance for a new computer… Must ask nicely at next meeting.

Even when you’re out of the picture I can’t help but think about your reasons for doing the things you did. Quit playing games, please. People are bound to get hurt. Me, I think I’m quite safe, thanks. I just remember what a wreck my head was nine months ago and I know I never want to go through it again.


2 thoughts on “I’ve seen Constantine too many times

  1. Sashi says:

    Funny thing about Constantine, I finally caught the scene after the end credits.

    I didn’t find it a big deal, not like the end scene in X-Men 3.

  2. norzu says:

    hmm.. guess I have to watch it again since I’ve never wait til the credit roll finish.

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