Fancy being up to your elbows in placenta?

I saw this yesterday. Sometimes people in the human resource department can be so daft. I was told of one stupid remark made by a HR person in one organisation almost lead to a mutiny by secretarial staff a few weeks back. Azad, any comments?

The group internet controller, Richard Avery, and human resources executive Hazel Messenger handled the terminations. During the meeting Ms Messenger told some of the female trainees: “It’s a volatile industry, newspapers, you would be better off as midwives.”

No one appreciates being insulted like that. I know I certainly don’t.

“I’m disgusted that anyone would even say that during the course of a meeting to sack half a dozen people who have shown a clear commitment to a career in journalism,” a member of the National Union of Journalists’ Express chapel committee said.


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