Navel gazing Monday

I have been very blessed with the gift of friendship, some I didn’t expect but turned out to be more meaningful than the ones I had hoped to flourish.

The world is getting smaller, and people move around more. So I have good buddies all over. At times, I wished they’re physically nearby, instead of a phone call or text message away.

People adapt to their surroundings and situation, although some insist to have it backwards. I’m pretty ok with how I am, and I know it’s human nature to be dissatisfied with what we have. I have to remind myself to always be grateful – of being alive, of being my mother’s daughter, of being able to do what I love doing. And having friends that I have.

Thank you again.

– – –

It’s sad when people moan about what they lack when they should be thinking of what they have. The things you don’t, you can work at getting. I have to remind myself that too. Manusia mudah lupa kan…

– – –

This coming Eid, many friends are coming back to celebrate. One will give birth to her first child. Dil got his second bundle of joy last Thursday.

It should be a fun Raya.


One thought on “Navel gazing Monday

  1. Dil says:

    Hey Nur! Sounds very melo on your Monday! Raya mana this year? Kalau in TTDI, come over la to my parents, we are not going anywhere… Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!

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