Choose your weapon carefully

It seems I still haven’t mastered the art of thinking before speaking out. A close call a couple of days ago reminded me yet again that words can hurt like nothing else.

– – –

I will try something.


Wanna see if you stay together or if you dissolve into molecules…

How am I doing?

Still here.

Good, I like being here.

from: Before Sunset

At times I wish I could dissolve into molecules while being near you.

– – –

You would think that after 10 years, Astro would be able to provide continuous broadcast and not have the ‘Services currently not available’ notice every time it rains. That is the least you could do, being the only satellite tv operator in the country. Pierre, the caretaker at the chalet I stayed in Perhentian, had thought the interruptions only happen to subscribers on remote places like his and he was surprised to know that it’s the same thing in TTDI too.


4 thoughts on “Choose your weapon carefully

  1. syachou says:

    and they say that’s the center of the universe 😉

  2. weween says:

    i got excited when i saw a familiar byline in that biz mag =)
    slamat hari raya nor…

  3. norzu says:

    weween: you saw, huh. 😉 selamat hari raya!

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