In the end, who actually won?

Politics has been a dirty word in my dictionary, even when I was studying about it. It’s even dirtier when the politician who promises to clean it up ends up having his own conduct compromised.

Someone told me once that you don’t win elections on issues. If not, there’ll be a new government every four years. Instead, people look at pedigree, at affliations. And this is apparent everywhere. You have a Prime Minister whose grandfather was in the same post before. You have a family leading a political party. You have a President whose father was also President not too long before him. You have a son taking over his father’s constituency upon his sudden demise.

What are issues then? Why can’t people in power address important issues instead of going off on fishing trips every other month or bickering with each other about who did what when?

– – –

I’m watching the US mid-term election results on CNN and BBC as well as the news online. The Democrats are expected to take control of the House of Representatives, and it’s a tight fight in the Senate. Clearly issues – War in Iraq, domestic economy, education, etc – have helped the Democrats here, although whether they are able to provide better solutions still remain to be seen.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Kennedy won for a record 8th time, showing how pedigree still counts. He’ll be in the Senate for 50 years, if he completes this new term. That’s a VERY LONG time to be in public office.


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