News matter

I received a text message earlier this week, an offer to join an online publication that plans to start operations next year. If it had came from someone else, I might have considered the offer for a day or two or get more info about the publication itself. It didn’t. So after some five SMS-es and a shower later, I declined the offer. I don’t think I’ll regret the decision.

However, it still irks me that I’m not in the position to have MY OWN paper, virtual or tabloid-sized. Maybe I should start with A4 size. Heh.

– – –

Some relatives were at the house when I came back from an assignment in town. Was told that a cousin is now engaged to be married, and she’s just 17! or 16, I’m not sure. I just know that she’s in her late teens. Sheesh. That is scary. Maybe it’s her way to be out on her own, I don’t know.

– – –

Plan for tomorrow:
Send Mum and friend to spa-type place. Park car at the square, stare at the lake for a bit, walk around, look at people, take pictures. Pick up Mum & co., drive back. Although, it would be nice to go into the sand bath thing. Almost like being in an onsen.

Must remember to bring tripod.


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