Never ending broadcast / story

Al Jazeera started its English broadcast yesterday, although I’ve yet to watch it. The launch came after ten years the Doha-based station has been in operation, broadcasting in Arabic.

The news provider’s broadcast won’t be readily available in many parts of the US though, as many cable and satellite tv operators are reluctant to include Al-JazeeraInternational in their list of channels.

Washington Post has an interesting blog post on the subject, asking readers whether they would actually watch Al-Jazeera’s broadcast.

As with other media companies, Al-Jazeera, to me, would still adhere to the “ownership dictates policy” policy (for the lack of a better term) in its operations. In the past decade, it has managed to step on many toes – American, Arab, English, etc – in its news coverage and it would surely continue to do so. Every news organisation has an agenda so why would this one be any different?

Although there are so many idiots roaming the streets everywhere nowadays, a lot of people actually know how the media works. They can tolerate companies’ affiliations so long that they publish news based on facts and not adding fiction to truth.

Yes, you write a certain way to reflect your owner’s view and to get people to agree with your stance. But people can differentiate between a reasonably sober piece angled to stress which side of the fence you’re on and a story meant to incite emotions and conflict among readers. Unless your subject purposely did or said things meant to disrupt fragile relations, but you still have a responsibility to not add fuel to the fire. I think I’ve touched on this a number of times before but I guess this issue will never end, so long we also have idiots owning or running media companies.

Words are very powerful and when you have control over what people read and watch, you are able to assert your views on all matters, influencing decisions and how people think.


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