Quakes, giant waves and expensive pitcher

I saw the news alert earlier this evening, about possible tsunami in the Japan, from Hokkaido all the way to Shizuoka. Areas facing the Pacific, as well as certain parts near the Japan Sea and Russia were said to be high risk.

Apparently the warning has been lifted. Thank God for that.

– – –

Another big news since earlier this week was about the Seibu Lions pitcher Matsuzaka Daisuke. He’s 26 now, and still looks like he was on the day he was drafted, at aged 17. I remember him trying not so successfully to hide his disappointment when he wasn’t chosen by Yohohama Marines that year.

So the Red Sox wants to talk to him. But they would have to pay a whopping US$51.1 million, just to have a chat.

The news was quite big in the States as some Major League teams pay their ENTIRE roster much less than that amount and Matsuzaka is just one pitcher. He is good, though.


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