Let’s not wait til we’re old and grey

When I have something I really wanted that is within my reach, only to have it snatched away – either by someone else or fate – I’d say feeling disappointed is an understatement. I don’t ask for much and will usually work hard to get to my goal, whether a trip across the globe or a car (the one that I actually can afford).

Maybe that is why I try not to put too high a hope on something wonderful to be realised. Because after six months of waiting for an awesome journey only to be left with ‘sent failed’ messages is just too cruel a thing to do to anyone.

– – –

An early birthday gift, which doubles as a daily reminder. You’re definitely not one of the ‘most people’ type. Thank you again, for having faith in me. But I’ll put it where I won’t see it that often. Hehe.

– – –

I read once that love is friendship on fire. That’s how I feel about you.

Do you really have to go?

from: The Perfect Man

I can really torture myself watching bad, evil films.


2 thoughts on “Let’s not wait til we’re old and grey

  1. da king says:

    do we turn grey when we are old?


  2. idlan says:

    Hilary Duff is my guilty pleasure.

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