Recurring theme Monday

I didn’t know that Frank Warren of PostSecret went to the UK and was waiting for him to update the site all Sunday, til late evening. I imagined some people got agitated enough to send urgent emails to Frank, when they failed to get their Sunday fix on time.

It was on Monday morning that I found the site updated, and wishing I’m in London right about now.

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    PostSecret of the week

After that, I blog-hopped and found this. Although he claimed it to be a rambling piece, I found it quite appealing. Something worth spending a good ten minutes pondering on.

So for a Monday, it looked like it was gonna be a good one. It lasted til lunch time, but that’s another story for another day.


2 thoughts on “Recurring theme Monday

  1. idlan says:

    It would so rawk if you were in London. We could get wasted at the exhibition together hahahaha.

  2. norzu says:

    Get wasted, I’d like that. Hehe. I’ll bring the razors, you bring the music. 😉

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