Don’t ask me questions I cannot answer

Why do you cry yourself to sleep?

Why do you care anyway? You are not the one with all these feelings and thoughts. I wish I can let them all out but I just don’t know how.

Have you tried talking about it?

Haha. You should know by now that I am a big coward. I can write about it, but to confront all those things, that’s a different story

But you are brave. You got this far, haven’t you?

People may think I’m brave but I am so not. I automatically retreat when I am left with options I wish I don’t have, although those options can actually lead me to something or somewhere better.

You look like you are strong, mentally. That’s not true either?

If being mentally strong means I can hold conversations with myself without being seen as a nutcase, than maybe I am.

What brought about this particular episode?

Who knows?!? Maybe it’s a number of things but why should I tell you>?


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