Must. get. coffee.

I feel like I’ve no creative juice left, just when I’ve so many things in my head, bursting to get out.

– – –

The timing is never right, the setting always wrong. So how do you change a lighthearted conversation into a serious one, without ending up wanting to be invisible afterwards? Words just fail me at moments like that.

– – –

To be thirty, and flirty and thriving. That was what Jenna wanted when she turned 13. Fiction. You can do anything in a movie. And cartoons.


2 thoughts on “Must. get. coffee.

  1. eddycute says:

    30, flirty and thriving? hmmmmppphhhh… am 30, not flirty anymore n definitely not thriving. damn, those movies..and cartoons.


  2. norzu says:

    eddy: flirty and thriving… we’re so not there. hahaha

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