Gaji naik, can aa?

While driving home from Uptown this evening, I heard radio DJs talking about how to ask for a raise during your appraisal. I guess it’s already that time of the year for most people, and by mid-December to first week of January, productivity everywhere will slow down and you can forget about calling big bosses (and small bosses) about this or that job because everyone will be out of the office or busy organising year-end / new year parties. Unless of course if your financial year ends in March or June or whenever.

I had my appraisal done only once in my three years in BT. I remembered sitting in front of the editor in Zainul‘s office, and it took less than ten minutes. Never knew what to expect so I thought I did alright. Heck, I was young and had figured I’ve found my calling in life. Who cares about a RM50 raise? Right now though, RM50 wouldn’t fill up my whole car tank with petrol but I’d appreciate the extra cash, thank you very much.

Maybe I should do a self-appraisal, on the jobs I’ve done for the year. Can’t ask for a raise, though.


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